Endless Space® 2 is a strategic space opera that lets you conquer the universe and discover the secret behind the mysterious substance known as Dust. Versatile laser-cannons that fire TERACO lasers and anti-Gluon beams on a semi-automatic rate. Because of that, despite of having less module slots, the firepower is bigger. ... Beam Lasers A beam laser rips through a poor sidewinder's defenses. 3 years ago. Depleted Armor : Armor that is derived from depleted high-isotope materials increases the density and greatly improves impenetrability of ship hulls. Hyperium beams are good counters to enemy laser weapons due to increasing their cooldown, so I tend to like a mixture of slugs, rail, and beams for my ships to counter as much as possible. ... Universe: Endless Space 2 Fleet Information: They are:missiles,beams, and kinetics. Beam weapons. It's tricky business, but I'm glad everyone is getting some value out of it. "Research into the interplay between hyperium and high-strength magnetic fields can improve the quality of the hyperium-composed constructions. Weapon modules are the main way that a player can strike at an opponent's ships. Combat in Endless Space 2 is split into two parts: combat between ships and combat between soldiers. 1 Introduction 2 Missile weapons 3 Beam weapons 4 Kinetic weapons (Most of this information is incorrect/obsolete since Dis-Harmony dlc came out!) 0. Hyperium Magnetics is a Tier 3 technology on the Military technology tree.It unlocks two Weapon Modules in Improved Pinch Beam and Improved Sync Laser. Between Advanced Fusion Power and Hyperium Magnetics, you can only research 1 technology. ... Notes – Needs hit 2-3 ships just to be able to out DPS beam weapons. Take down your otherworldly opponents, and become master of the stars. If you have the tech advantage then Missiles can smash enemies before they get into range with lesser weapons. 7. It's a game of range vs. counters. If you can get one of the Endless heroes with the chrono ordinance skill that grants 80% shield penetration to command it, a beam spamming fleet with get lucky crits will destroy just about anything. Both of these forms of combat in the game are able to be customized. Post Comment. This ensures that battles yield the same results whether a player chooses to watch the battle or not, and allows the battle animation to focus on action more than information, though more informative views are available. 6. You should be stocked to the rafters with manpower if you were managing your population right. If you start with Beam/Laser… Laser: An inevitable first step in developing functional space-borne beam weapons, the good old laser is well-known, reliable, and great in vacuum. ... For example: a laser turret that deals 5 damage in a small ship's module can deal 10 damage in a medium and 20 in a big ship. Don’t build this weapon into your ship design, add it as needed to counter swarms. These techs cannot be research through the tech tree and some can provide a strong advantage if found. While they tear through hulls well enough, they have a hard time getting past enemy shields. Space Combat in Endless Space 2 is controlled through decisions made before each battle and then resolved without player intervention. Roles and types of ships in Endless Space 2 Endless Space 2 Guide. When exploring the galaxy there is chance that your expeditions will come across caches containing tech from long dead races or maybe even the Endless themselves. Their accuracy is overall satisfactory, and most effective at medium range. The AI will eventually counter this with Flak and Armor, which leaves them vulnerable to Beam/Laser. There are three different types of weapons, each being most effective at certain ranges. Battle in Endless Space 2 game is in my opinion decided upon at 4 levels: ... Against critical heavy laser fleets evasion can be more viable than shielding for closing range.