If during your Florida Keys road trip you plan on getting in the water we urge you to use reef safe sunscreen. He is a masked booby bird who had a bold personality during our visit. Depending on what time you arrive we recommend checking in to your hotel first. After spending a few great days in the northern Keys we recommend making a few stops on your way to Key West on your Florida Keys road trip itinerary including lunch that doubles as a place for some great water activities before arriving to Key West. You’ll surely see a line here waiting to get a photo unless you come early in the morning. Don’t leave Key West just yet, you need to try one of the most famous brunch spots in the Florida Keys. Grab a bucket of small fish and feed the giant tarpon right in the water outside the restaurant! Start your Florida Keys itinerary at this quaint resort made up of individual cottages on the waterfront. Start in Orlando with a trip to the Kennedy Space Centre where you can have lunch with an astronaut! After a few days of beach life, tasting Cuban food and a day trip to the Everglades, you’ll continue … On your first day on the Miami to Key West drive we are recommending you stop at Key Largo to explore the northern Keys extensively. There are 30 minute guided tours often, but you don’t need to join one to enjoy the property. This restaurant gained so much popularity they were forced to open a second location down street. The birds you find here are ones that were injured and couldn’t fully rehabilitate and thrive in the wild on their own. There are several pools on the property as well as beachside cabanas you can hang out and relax in. We have put together a suggested itinerary on how to spend your Florida Keys road trip and Miami to Key West drive based on our own experiences to help you plan an incredible vacation. Considered a classic all-American road trip, a drive in the Florida Keys means exploring picture-perfect islands with coral reefs perfect for snorkeling, some of Florida’s top state and national parks and eating freshly-caught seafood at local restaurants.Starting in Key Largo, the most comprehensive Florida Keys road trip will take you to Tavernier, Islamorada, … CST# 2083930-50. Beyond the Beach Boys’ song, Kokomo, I’m embarrassed to admit I knew nothing about the Florida Keys until Alec decided he wanted to add in Florida Keys road trip to our summer USA adventure. Read about where we went, what we did, and of course, what we ate, on our ten day Florida Road Trip! This jungle garden hang out spot gives you the chance to eat with the sand beneath your toes without being on the beach. Many of Duval … Truman wasn’t the only US president who used this house though, Taft, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Carter, and Clinton all used this home during their presidency as well used as a facility and a vacation home. Located at MM 81.6, in the Florida Keys, this family friendly-retreat is adorned with cozy Adirondack chairs on a beach overlooking the Florida Bay. Many reef safe sunscreens require a bit more time to ‘apply’ as there is often zinc in the sunscreen, and some even leave a faint white appearance after applying to your skin. There are many famous historic homes in Key West, you’ll notice this as you’re walking around and see a plaque for many different houses explaining who lived there and why it’s a historic landmark. Not anymore. Dine with your toes in the sand or if its too hot you can sit in the indoor area with a waterfront view. This was the winter home for Truman during his presidency. This is a protected area with wildlife, so you will definitely see iguanas basking in the sun, fish, and perhaps even crocodiles just by hanging out around the coastline near the visitor’s center. The length of the road is marked by decreasing mile markers (MM), starting with MM 113 right out of Homestead, and ticking down to MM 0 in Key West. This is not only a great way to try lionfish but to help the local biodiversity in the waters here in the Florida Keys. With your stay you get free access to kayaks, stand up paddle boards, and paddle boats. But before you set off, linger in Miami – a city which, for all its reputation as an unabashed party zone, has plenty of family entertainment. Road trips, especially one as iconic as this, are all about the stops along the way. This tiny string of islands off southern Florida packs a lot into … First Flight Island Restaurant & Brewery is located in the building that the first PanAm international ticket was sold and the birthplace of Pan American World Airways in 1927. Our Family’s Road Trip to the Florida Keys Article and photography by Jennifer Merrick Take the kids out of school for a vacation? We wanted to highlight some of the best natural activities to do including businesses and organizations who have efforts in protecting and helping their community and environment. [Privacy] With Google Maps now you don’t need to calculate the Mile Markers yourself but its a fun little tid bit of knowledge to know on your drive from Miami to Key West. The only way to experience the scenic Florida Keys … In search of family fun in the sun? You can spend a bit of extra time exploring the rest of the park before or after your snorkeling trip before heading off to the next suggestions on our Florida Keys itinerary. It’s actually an official thing here! There is no set admission for visiting the Wild Bird Sanctuary, but they do recommend a $10 donation per person, or what you can give. By Jodi Mailander Farrell. Another great stop in Key West is the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. What’s great about visiting stops like this along your Florida Keys road trip is that just by visiting you are helping the cause and rehabilitation for animals by paying a small fee. The area is a fishing and diving paradise, and its white-washed clapboard beach houses provide the ideal base for a laid back relaxed holiday … This boutique property not only has individual charming, beachy cottages for its guests located in a botanic garden but also a gorgeous waterfront location perfect for catching a sunset. Easily the most iconic street in Key West is Duval Street. As part of my research of things to do and see on our Florida Keys road trip, I came upon the topic of the lion fish and the monstrous eco disaster that this very pretty, small, yet venomous, aquarium fish is wreaking on the Keys… Florida Keys Road Trip with Kids First of all, let me start with one important fact about Florida Keys Road Trip with Kids - Carrie Elle I've got some tips and helpful info if you're planning a Florida Keys road trip … Find reviews for Florida Keys, FL family vacations. Our Florida road trip itinerary, with stops in The Keys, Key West, Miami, Orlando, St. Augustine and Jacksonville, can easily be adjusted for 1 week or 10 days. This would also depend on what time your appointment is at the Turtle Hospital. Then you’ll drive south … If you do have rental car insurance coverage with your credit card, be sure to check to see if you need to have a letter from the credit card company proving your insurance so you don’t end up getting pressured into buying the insurance you don’t need on the spot. We loved the canopy garden seating in the evening too as it had a tropical atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re really on vacation. To see how exactly we use cookies, Things to Know Before Visiting the Florida Keys, Day 3: Drive to Key West with Stops Along the Way. As Route 1 hops its way from Miami to Key West, Florida, the urban rush evaporates and a clock- and care … Kickoff your trip with spectacular white-sand beaches along the Gulf Coast, then meander back roads and byways to discover northern Florida's hidden treasures.Along the way, you'll find crystal-clear springs that you can enjoy from an inner tube or glass-bottomed boat, come face-to-face with a Florida manatee, and end your trip with a classic roadside attraction … Our plan is to fly to … Our plan is to fly to Miami, have two nights in Key Largo, then drive down to Key West for two nights, Everglades for two nights, head to Gulf coast for a weeks stay (preferably in house/condo close … For a taste of the city’s multicultural vibe, head to Little Havana, where you can sample authentic … But four flights during high season for some fun under the sun is prohibitively expensive. We LOVE THEM! Plan a week-long getaway starting in Miami … Once you have your fill of Miami, it’s time to embark on your road trip. Continue your Florida Keys road trip by making your final stop at Key West. Road Trip from Miami to Key West through the Florida Keys – Adventuring Along the Way with Kids Day 1 – Off to Key Largo. The final part of your Florida road trip takes you to the southernmost point in the United States, The Florida Keys. They also offer cocktail tours if that’s more up your alley! For customers outside the US, please call 1-404-728-8787. International calling rates will apply. John Pennekamp State Park includes mangroves you can walk through, seagrass beds, beaches to hang out on,  and the underwater barrier coral reef system you can witness by snorkeling. During recent years, nonnative lionfish have been threatening the marine environment off the Florida Keys. Exams, part-time jobs and school projects mean it’s a high season family … If you’ve followed our blog long enough you know how we feel about food tours. They offer dozens of beer on tap, an extensive sushi menu, and a regular seafood menu to choose from. They have their own beers on draft here and a delicious menu of seasonal dishes. A strip of land stretching over 180km off the end of Florida, the Keys is just the place to test out the dynamics of a family road trip. Travelocity, the Stars Design, and The Roaming Gnome Design are trademarks of Travelscape LLC. Getting to the car rental places at the airport is easy. If you are thinking about making the drive from Miami to Key West, this guide is for you. Blue Heaven is located on the best foodie street in Key West, Petronia and is a crowd favorite. Answer 1 of 5: We re planning an August trip to key west with 2 kids. We went on a snorkeling tour to the Key Largo dry rocks where you can snorkel among the coral reef with tropical fish and visit the Christ of the Deep underwater statue, a 4,000 lb bronze statue placed underwater in 1961. There is a museum inside if you wish to learn more, if not this is just a fun stop while wandering Front Street, one of the most gorgeous streets to walk down filled with historic homes and lush greenery. We highly recommend reserving a snorkeling tour in advance for one of their multiple snorkeling tours throughout the day. The views here are incredible and relaxing. The Florida Keys can be hot and the sun is strong down here! You can spend the morning in Key West and head towards Marathon around lunch time. And winters are long. The first thing to realize is that once you enter the Keys you have over a hundred miles from the very upper Keys down to Key West. With a number of brilliant, tropical stop-offs on your way from the culture … To that end, I’ve broken the state’s sights down into manageable sections to help you plan you Florida road trip. We are planning our summer 2016 vacation in the Florida keys and would welcome any advice on things to do, places to stay (2 adults, 3kids) and any advice On our current chosen route. Depending on your arrival time we recommend getting lunch first at the Hungry Tarpon restaurant. I hope this Florida road trip itinerary for the Florida Keys showed you that there are so many activities in the Florida Keys, and lots of great resorts in the Florida Keys, like Hawks Cay Resort. This is when all the performers come out and where many gather to enjoy the sunset together. There’s also a beachside bar with slightly overpriced drinks, but you’re paying for the location here! Look no further than the Florida Keys, a great place to vacation year-round, with plenty to see and do for all ages. Answer 21 of 29: We are a family with children 10 &12 and spending 2 weeks in florida travelling around, We are looking at 1 -2 nights in key west before going to Miami for our last two nights before flying home. The Perfect 5 Day Florida Keys Road Trip Itinerary The Florida Keys is one of the best paradise destinations in the United States, the epitome of the “American Dream vacation,” with its azure waters, breezy tropical sunsets, colorful buildings, and plenty of places to have a cold drink on a hot Florida … The snorkeling here is very popular and during peak season you will definitely need a reservation. Your admission goes to funding this nonprofit facility and if you wish to donate more you can. So put the top down and cue Jimmy Buffet. Ideas for Your Family Vacation in the Florida Keys Camp on the beach by night, snorkel by day as a family at Bahia Honda State Park and Beach in Islamorada, a unique getaway in the family-friendly Middle Keys. Robbie’s of Islamorada not only has a great restaurant to eat at but they have all kinds of water activities to enjoy as well as an outdoor shopping market full of fun finds and local souvenirs. There’s nothing more taxing on the body than flying and we like to take it easy on days that involve flights because they suck so much of our energy out of us. If you’re ready for a Florida road trip, check out the latest Florida Keys … If you find yourself tired of walking you can always use the Duval loop shuttle to get you close to all the locations you’d want to visit. Driving the Overseas Highway from Key Largo down to Key West is an all-American road trip, be it with family, friends, or your romantic partner. This waterfront square is another great stop in Key West on your Florida Keys road trip. We are recommending using this resort as your base for the next two nights as we explore our days 1 & 2 Florida Keys itinerary attractions. The U.S. is a great place for planning new trips and adventures. From West Palm Beach we drove straight to Key Largo, the first of the Florida Keys. However, we highly recommend not touching the statue as there is fire coral all over the statue which you will be sorely sorry if you touch. HOW TO HAVE THE PERFECT FLORIDA KEYS ROAD TRIP. With a number of brilliant, tropical stop-offs on your way from the culture capital of Miami all the way down there to Key West, it offers a whole lot for kids and adults. The Florida Keys With Kids: 20+ Things to Do As a Family in Key West Many of you know from following us on Instagram , that we recently returned from the Florida Keys. Once you start your Florida Keys road trip and drive from Miami to Key West you will notice that there’s alot of talk about Mile Markers. The owner of Robbie’s saw an injured tarpon fish where its jaw had been sliced open from a hook. Part of their sales go towards the nonprofit organization the Mote Marine Laboratory who is working on the Florida Keys disease outbreak known as the Coral Tissue Loss Disease that has coral mortality rates of 80% putting their reefs at risk of extinction. We ll be arriving in Miami & are interested in Cheeca lodge, hawks cay & tranquility bay en route to casa marina. We recommend booking your car rental in advance with Expedia. This kitschy joint has two locations just down the road from one another, we recommend trying to stop at the original location at 99336 Overseas Highway unless they are too full and you’re starving. The cats are as much of the history of this house as Hemingway himself. Beyond the Beach Boys’ song, Kokomo, I’m embarrassed to admit I knew nothing about the Florida Keys until Alec decided he wanted to add in Florida Keys road trip to our summer USA adventure. While this place is far from that today, you can still see traces of its history if you look closely, it is said you can see the peep holes in the building for those who used to come for the brothels. The Florida Keys is one of the best spots in the US to go on a road trip. Try signing in with CONNECTED_THIRD_PARTY_NAMES or use another email address. The first thing to understand is that most of the attractions on a Miami to Key West Road Trip … We have recommended where to stay as well as some great activities to enjoy. This 113-mile trip travels through small tourist towns, over soaring bridges, and past sparkling water in more shades of blue than your average crayon box. What looks like a house on the outside is actually a butterfly conservancy and tropical garden with little critters from birds to butterflies. By Gary McKechnie. Check In — / — / — Check Out — / — / — Guests — Search. Driving from Miami to Key West through the beautiful Florida Keys is a classic American road trip. Once known as a decadent party destination, the Florida Keys has turned into a popular holiday spot for families seeking sun, culture and animal experiences. Two harmful chemicals often found in sunscreen are oxybenzone and octinoxate that contribute to coral bleaching. They have Vespa scooters for rent, a free shuttle that goes to downtown Key West, or since you have a car on your Florida Keys road trip then you have the option to drive yourself. The restaurant has a full bar and a menu full of local fish dishes located right on the water in the Florida Bay. This location is much larger and better for bigger groups or if the line or wait is too long at the original. This is also used as a filming location for the tv show, Bloodline. The Florida Keys are a string of islands stretching around 120 miles (193 km) off the south tip of Florida. Please check you have entered your email address correctly before continuing. There’s also a pool and hot tub for swimming. Also, if you apply a small amount at a time it’s much easier to apply! And an Italian restaurant on site. There are also two rescued flamingos who call this conservatory home. Before crossing the Card … You can see our suggestions earlier in this guide for the Florida Keys road trip itinerary. Shockingly, the visitor center doesn’t sell reef safe sunscreen so you will need to come prepared yourself and plan in advance. If you’ve had enough of Key West we recommend scheduling in some extra down time relaxing at the resort we recommend staying at in Marathon. Easily one of my favorite stops on our entire Florida Keys road trip was the Hemingway Home. Florida Keys Family Resorts. We can't tell if you're a human or a bot. Send me emails with travel deals, special offers, and other information. The very concept of the road trip might have been invented for the Florida Keys – the string of low-slung islands that curls down from the main body of the state like a pretty tail. The Hemingway Home is famous for having its collection of polydactyl cats who live here to this day. You get to the Keys by driving south, and south, and more south still, on US 1 out of Homestead. He and his friend stitched him up and took care of him in a tank until he was able to be released back into the water. Hurricane season is between June and November so its a gamble to travel during this time. They have a gorgeous tropical beer garden with fans outside that’s a great place to hang out in the early evenings or inside their colorful tasting room where there is a huge selection of their beer to try on tap. Here is everything you need to know from the best stops between Miami to Key West. Along the water, you can find a dock for sunbathing, sunset watching, and hammocks under the swaying palm trees to relax. Inside you will find license plates covering the floor to ceiling on the walls donated by guests who visit. One of the most famous, besides the Hemingway Home is the Truman Little White House. Explore the ‘Sunshine State’ from Orlando to Florida Keys with our family road trip! The menu offers everything from seafood to comfort food. Sign in to see exclusive Member Discounts. This is a great way to spend lunch during your Florida Keys itinerary stop in Key West, be sure to secure a reservation in advance. To finish creating your account, please click the link we just sent to. The Turtle Hospital does require a reservation to join a 90 minute guided tour teaching you about the endangered species you’ll witness in the Turtle Hospital, see the facility where they are treated, and see the open tanks of water where the sea turtles are living until they are healthy again to be released back in the water. Tweet. Explore the ‘Sunshine State’ from Orlando to Florida Keys with our family road trip! Reset. 0. Then you’ll drive south to Miami Beach for some days of relaxation on the golden sands. This thin strand of pavement skipping along bridges through the Florida Keys is one of the best road trips in the country. If you don’t want to stick around for dinner they do offer bicycles you can borrow from the property to explore anything nearby. They have a full bar and serve up some tasty dishes for brunch including lobster benedict and shrimp grits! After viewing the spectacular sunset, while the kids ran around in the sand, we ate at the yummy Morada Bay Beach Café. Travel Photography We personally fell in love with Booby. We hope you enjoyed our guide to the perfect 5 day Florida Keys road trip and Miami to Key West drive guide. If you prefer to stay closer to town and walking distance to everything we recommend trying one of the gorgeous properties available. In just 100 miles, hop from key to key, go snorkeling, dine at seafood restaurants, try Key Lime Pie, go shopping, and … You can read more about the sustainable Florida Keys activities in our other guide. On day 2 of our Florida Keys road trip we recommend continuing to explore the northern Keys including Key Largo and Islamorada before continuing further south to Key West. BoboandChichi.com uses  Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which is an affiliate program allowing us to make little bits of money by linking to Amazon or it’s affiliate partners at no extra cost to you. Look no further than the Florida Keys, a great place to vacation year-round, with plenty to see and do for all ages. Disclaimer: This Florida Keys road trip was done in partnership with the Florida Keys & Key West tourism board. © 2021 Travelscape LLC, An Expedia Group Company. It only takes around … Each of the cottages comes with a fully equipped kitchen, so if you do like to cook on vacation you have this option but there are plenty of incredible seafood restaurants nearby. Castaway’s owner John fishes himself for lionfish that are served in the restaurant as sushi rolls. The street is perfect for a pub crawl. There are two different facilities here, the Mission Wild Bird Hospital where they accept injured birds and rehabilitate them for release and the Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary where the injured birds who couldn’t fully recover and thrive in the wild have their new permanent loving forever home.

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