25. It was named for chief Red Shirt of the Oglala Sioux tribe, who is famous for being a U.S. Army Native Scout. You’ve probably heard of towns and cities with funny names in Florida like Hollywood or Weeki Wachee, but what about New York, Bagdad or even Fluffy Landing? Final score: 49 points. It takes more than just one horse to make a race. A series of funny math team names from other existing teams in the United States is listed below to help inspire your own team name. There's a whole slew of fun French names that are near extinction here in the U.S., but might make lovely options for girls here. When a salesman stopped by and needed the name of the place for an invoice, Granger said, “I’m alone,” meaning he couldn’t ask anyone what the name was. ), it no longer exists. Turns out it’s not quite as much fun to say as “Kickapoo”—its correct pronunciation is “one-SOCK-it.” Find out how to pronounce 10 more city names you’ve been saying all wrong. For those that have a love for math, participating in a math team will help to keep him or her challenged. Supposedly, Civil War soldiers thought the water from this creek tasted sweeter than others. Another way to say Second Place? Alas, to us 21st century folk it sounds far more like something you do when you’re very thirsty. Unfortunately, being waterproof isn’t always a good thing. Get your child’s life journey off to a great start with one of these well-traveled names. See? This list is original. Sometimes, “Go to Hell” isn’t an insult. Bay Staters of Massachusetts are proud of their definitive water inlets. Place baby names—those derived from cities, states, countries and vacation spots—are where it's at. When you’re both a knight and a Jed I, then you’re probably meant for great things. Sugar Bunker was the name of a storage site for chemical explosives that operated in the mid-twentieth century. The “big arm” in question is the name for one side of the lake. Wyatt may be a place name, but it’s also a baby name meaning ‘brave warrior’. 8 points.… A few are usable, or even elegant. Love. Providing positive news stories, good news, inspirational stories, happy pictures, cute animal pictures, feel good videos, funny clean jokes, inspirational quotes, funny animal pictures, funny videos, inspiring videos, and inspiring news. Funny town names that have to do with food, like this Alabama town, are the coolest. Check out these other U.S. geography facts you won’t learn in school. Curtis Howe Springer was a radio evangelist who tried to convince people he was a doctor by selling fake medicines on his radio show. When German and English settlers were debating over what to name their new town, one man said, “Why not name the town Whynot and let’s go home?” These are the same people who named the surrounding communities Steeds, Erect, and Lonely. If someone asked a farmer’s wife where her husband was around the harvest, she’d reply, “He’s gone to Hell again.” Now, visitors can be mayor of Hell for a day, get married in Hell, and stop by the post office, where workers singe every piece of mail before sending it. Why, oh why, is this town called Why? Andrews won out in the end. As for how it got its bizarre name, the legend says that many of the townspeople attributed the murders and disappearances to the “boogieman.” Paranormal experts say these are the 22 most haunted places in America. “Woonsocket” sounds like it should be a town name in a Dr. Seuss book, not the USA! We combed through the list to find the most hilarious of these extinct names from 1918 — and couldn’t whittle it down to fewer than 200. I was laughing for hours trying to find the most amusing and rude place names in the British Isles. Unfortunately, the trees were cut down a long time ago to build a log cabin, which seems pretty anticlimactic to us. Incorporated in 1639, Sandwich is the oldest town on Cape Cod. Ohio's Buckeye name is in reference to trees that once dominated the landscape there. Not only do double names roll off the tongue in a signature Southern drawl as sweet and slow as pouring honey, but double dubbing is often about bridging family names with classic or meaningful ones, which is why we also know to never assume Anna Grace just goes by Anna, or that James Wyatt goes by James. Touted as a place “where it’s Christmas all year round,” Santa Claus features attractions like Holiday World, Lake Rudolph Campground, and Frosty’s Fun Center. 67) ZAIRE. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately? Don’t miss this other United States trivia you never learned in school. In 1864, store owner Joseph Andrews organized a post office for his town of Petersburg. At first glance, it looks like this town is called cheesecake! Empire Staters, in New York, derive that nickname from the name of the state being the Empire State, a place of great wealth and resources, or an empire. This is one place we already know we’d rather not visit! Hudson got a second bite at the fame apple when she auditioned for the Motown-era musical Dreamgirls. Achieving similar acclaim, however, was Season Three’s seventh place finisher Jennifer Hudson. Steer clear: The Knob may be a peaceful place for most of the year, but it should be avoided at all costs for the knobs that gather in the early morning hours each February 2nd. Adelaide - (Australia) Alberta - (Canada) Alexandria - (Virginia) (H/T to this puntastic Imgur post.) Key to the legend is the belief that the parents acted unknowingly in … We think Eggnog, Utah and Santa Claus, Indiana need to team up and throw the greatest Christmas party ever. The commodity the town is most known for? Find a house name sign that you like and customize it for your home. But seeing it written out, we can’t help but think of creepy-crawlies. The town has had No Name ever since. The name is a combination of the Old English strǣt, meaning “street”, and ford, indicating a site at which a road forded a river. It was named after one of its first residents, William Harrison Boring, and it soon became a railroad town, since the timber in that area was used to build rails and fuel trains. The popular story behind this name claims that a young Native American, leading a bison hunt or “buffalo jump,” would often chase the bison right over cliffs, where they would fall and land with a loud “chugging” sound. This is another place that most likely gets its name from a city in Europe: Zapp, Scotland. Learn which food brands have different (and funny!) It took a hard hit after World War I; only 40 people lived there. 31. This one took me a minute. Origin: Welsh, Scots Gaelic, Cornish and Irish Meaning: River Example:Stratford-upon-Avon. However, the town has certainly made the most of the second-choice name: Santa Claus, IN fully embraces its Christmas-y moniker. Her performance in that film brought audiences to their feet and won a host of accolades, including an Academy Award for best supporting actress. Don’t miss these 29 strange street signs you won’t believe exist. Our runner-up for Mount Rushmore’s home state was Plenty Bears, South Dakota (which sounds like a place Trek‘s redshirts would definitely want to avoid!). The native Unangan, or Aleut, people … Funnily, though, the town is best known for an intense treetop walk that is definitely not for cowards! In 1960, its only school closed, and its last store was consumed by a fire in the 1990s. This place sure thinks highly of itself! The “Canopy Walk” has bridges that are up to 50 feet above the forest floor and that sway terrifyingly. 3. how to pronounce 10 more city names you’ve been saying all wrong, bucket list item for each state (and DC! Once reserved for grand estates and castles, house naming is a much more casual affair these days thanks to social media. It’s named for the seaport of Sandwich in Kent, England. 66) YORK. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), United States trivia you never learned in school, 50 fascinating facts about basically everything, U.S. geography facts you won’t learn in school, 11 things to know before vacationing in Hawaii, most mind-blowing world record broken in every state, hardest-to-pronounce town name in all 50 states, 10 little-known, but no less amazing, national parks, food brands have different (and funny!) The town council voted down the motion. Copyright CK Media Group. We recommend our users to update the browser. Here’s where to get the best gas station coffee in every state. Bald Head, Maine is named for the cliff of the same name. Gross-Pantii. Next to Angelina Jelly. Davis, advertised that he made the best hot coffee around—and it very well could have been. Nothing to be embarrassed about here. 15 Towns In Florida With Extremely Strange And Hilarious Names. Here are 10 little-known, but no less amazing, national parks. Today, it is home to a 150,000-acre Indian reservation. Great for choosing winners for prizes or competitions - With a first place winner, then runner up prizes for second, and third place. “By accident,” they both claimed the same land, each not knowing that the other had claimed it. There are a few legends about how Burnt Corn got its name. P.—into a nearby tree. Little Heaven was the name that an 1870s farmer gave to a group of cabins he built in the area for his Irish workers. Originally called Santa Fe, the town’s name changed in 1856 when town officials learned that there was already a Santa Fe, Indiana. Someone with that hilarious name! Dione Lucas has been obscured by larger-than-life personalities like Julia Child, but she had it going on. They Were Absolutely Terrifying, Two Groups Of Penguins Stop For A Chat, Then The Confusion Sets In, This Dog Faked A Limp And Cost His Owner Over $300. This is one of many funny town names that aren’t really names at all. Sam has been in charge of coming up with team names for her first and second graders who play soccer and softball after school. The township gets its name from the French word “embarras,” which means “an obstacle or difficult situation.” When French explorers first traveled through the area, they had trouble getting their canoes down the river, so they named the river (and, eventually, the town) accordingly. We hope he succeeds. Yes, Pie Town really is a town of pie. She is like the horse that came in second place, whose name we can't remember. Others just think it’s a combination of a couple different tribe names. It was named after a grocery store run by James Slaughter in the early 1900s. Unfortunately, travel blogger Johnna Kaplan says that there’s no “welcome” sign, which we’re also not happy about. 12 years 6 months ago Posts: 6; Real names: harold horace balls, Ima hogg and Ura hogg (girls successfully sued their parents), william (willie) hung (american idol reject), teflonda slick, and phat ho (vietnamese not sure on spelling, my friend nearly lost his call center job laughing at that one) Winner Name Pickers - 1st, 2nd, 3rd: Randomly choose three names - drawn in order: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Synonyms for second place include next best person, person in second place, person with consolation prize, runner-up, second to finish and silver medalist. Meghan Jones is a Staff Writer for RD.com who has been writing since before she could write. 1. Davis made the coffee with pure spring water and New Orleans beans, and he used molasses drippings as sweetener. Funniest name ever! It’s said to be because State Routes 85 and 86 formed a Y-intersection near the area. Grab some baked goods at "Bread Pitt," then get your laundry done at "Lord of the Rinse." At the time, manager George Payne had had meetings with Seminole Indians, and he died in a Seminole attack shortly before the store burned. Haʻikū was an ancient Hawaiian name for the natural valley in which the community is situated. In the late 1800s, the United States Board on Geographic Names declared that the official name for this town, as well as the island it’s located on, was “Unalaska,” a simplification of the original name. Here are 11 things to know before vacationing in Hawaii. Unalaska, Alaska. (Hint: It’s not Z.). This is one name that means exactly what you think! “Asylum” often brings creepy or scary images to mind, but this township draws its name from the other definition of the word. With that name he probably got picked a lot. So she sells a lot of houses? There’s a Boody Water Company and a Boody Water Tower, and there was even a Boody High School at one point. Another theory says that the word meant “chilly region.” This is one place named after a Native American word that we think might’ve been better off left un-anglicized. Don’t miss the most mind-blowing world record broken in every state. She is a proud Hufflepuff and member of Team Cap. If you like these, here’s even more funny names: 45 of the Most Unfortunate Names Ever. It’s actually got nothing to do with tulips. He probably gives lots of love with that name in prison. The name most likely comes from the city of Worms in Germany, which would be pronounced “vorms” and comes from a nickname for a Roman emperor. (Yes, they do grow in Arkansas—the name really would be weird if they didn’t!) These place names were selected as some of them sounded unusual, some sounded interesting, some just sounded funny and some a little rude. This Illinois community was named for Colonel William H. Boody, a head of the railroad industry (that poor, poor man). Down here, we don’t kid around when it comes to double names. There was a town meeting, but the citizens couldn’t make a decision. Sometimes funny town names don’t have a unique meaning to match. Lots of these funny town names could qualify as experiments themselves. This town is known for Big Arm Bay of the nearby Flathead Lake, which also gives its name to Big Arm/Flathead Lake State Park, a popular destination for fishing. Can you guess the only letter that isn’t in any state name? House names can be like Twitter names or vanity license plates: Another place to define your identity and communicate your personality and humor. 32. This is the hardest-to-pronounce town name in all 50 states. Named for a local bakery that made amazing apple pies, it is the site of an annual Pie Festival, complete with a pie-baking contest, a pie-eating contest, and horned toad races. Mosquitoville may be pretty low on the list of places we’d like to visit, but Dragonville is at the top! If only he knew what he started. Either way, conflict between the two groups climaxed at the Battle of Burnt Corn in 1813, which the Native Americans won. Please consider making a donation to Sunny Skyz and help our mission to make the world a better place. Before Harry Potter, there was Richard Potter! Experiment, Georgia gets its name from the Agricultural Experiment Station at the nearby Georgia University. Check out these other 15 little-known facts about America. See more ideas about funny license plates, vanity license plates, vanity plate. Here’s a list of some places in Florida with names that are sure to make you giggle. Though it’s fun to say, this town name has a pretty simple origin: it’s the name of a Native American and Indigenous Mexican tribe living in the area. This community was most likely named after a settlement in England’s County Durham. Baby girl names. Because there was a small stream by the cliffs, Native Americans began to call the area “water at the plate where the buffalo chug,” which was shorted to Chugwater. The most popular story about this odd name dates back to the late 1700s. Team spirit is a part of what makes sports so fun. This one makes us cringe way more than Worms, Nebraska. The native Unangan, or Aleut, people called this area “Agunalaksh,” but variations in spelling and pronunciation caused confusion over the years. Sources vary on whether the culprit was town founder Major Paul Paine or a guy named Peter Patrick.

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